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Corry site near the village of Ullapool

Corry site near the village of Ullapool

Wild, Rugged & Remote

Wester Ross, in the northwest Scottish Highlands is wild, rugged and remote. One of the most sparsely populated areas of Europe, it remains largely untamed. Map.

Natural attributes of the area of Wester Ross — such as the deep, sea lochs of Loch Broom, Loch Little Broom and Loch Cainard — have allowed the area to play an important role in the development of salmon farming.

Home to our freshwater site, Elphin, and sea sites of Ardmair, Corry and Ardessie, the Highland's west coast offer excellent growing conditions.

Wester Ross — last stop ‘til america

The central point for the Wester Ross Fisheries operation is Ullapool. It’s a whitewashed little coastal town set on the banks of Loch Broom.  

The Highland Clearances (Fuadach nan Gàidheal in Scottish Gaelic, the expulsion of the Gael) was a dark time in Scottish history. In the late 18th and 19th centuries, wealthy landowners who wanted more room for sheep burned people out of their homes and sent them off the land.

Ruins of croft houses still dot the landscape. Many Highland people boarded ships for America and Canada, and many of those ships left from Ullapool. Their view of Loch Broom and the hills was the last they ever saw of Scotland.

The world has changed since then, but a unique highland way of life continues to thrive for those who remain, and the salmon are key to the economy and community well-being of the area.